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Dangers Of Internet Dating: Internet Scammer Goes To The Slammer

Many women dating after 40 presume that internet dating is a great way to meet most people you would by no means often meet, but there are numerous dangers of Internet dating. In order to properly find someone special online, you need to be careful and shrewd about the things you disclose and with whom. Several women have fallen victim to storytellers online who end up harming them psychologically, actually, or even economically.

Everybody knows that it can be hard to find romance. But by no means allow yourself to become so hopeless that you open yourself up to another person who will only hurt and take advantage of you. In some cases it can be impossible to recognise whether you can believe in an guy since it is so simple to lie over the Internet. This only means that you need to be that a lot more cautious lest you become a target of abuse. Consider what materialized to a So Cal woman searching for love on a popular Online dating website.


The dangers of internet dating are substantial! Just recently a 67-year-old was Alan Paul Wurtzel was faced with a charge for sexually assaulting Carole Markin, a woman he had met on The sexual abuse occurred when the two chose to take their online rendezvous to the next level and meet directly.

The attacker, Paul Wertzel is faced with penalties of one year in the penitentiary and five years probation. Hopefully, this guy is done with taking advantage of women online. But there are still plenty of guys left who do so every single day. This date rape of Carole Markin is just one small instance of internet matchmaking gone wrong that happens more usually than the web dating websites would like you to know about.

Do not let yourself become a target. Begin by never ever giving out your cabin address. Your home address should continue to be private, even once you have met in person. Even exchanging phone numbers can pose a risk if your online friend becomes crazy. Additionally, develop an independent email address specifically for internet beaus so as to safeguard your privateness.

As soon as you feel that the time has come to experience a personal meeting, decide on a public area for the initial date. You can have an alfresco meal at the park, go to a restaurant for noon-time meal, or simply meet up at the shopping mall for gelato.


The initial date should be some thing straightforward and light as you take the romance carefully. As added measure of precaution, the first date should ideally take place during the day time to get rid of the danger of dark corners and streets where undesirable things are more prone to come about.

Despite the fact that you are a savvy lady, and will want some comfort with your online sweetheart, it is a good idea to make the first few encounters group outings. Take a gal pal or two with you for the beginning couple of face-to-face meetings. In addition to being conscious of the dangers of online dating sites, your friends will be able to help judge him. If the fellow is authentic, he will be inclined to start out slowly and allow time for confidence to materialize.

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Dating Advice For Divorced Women Over 40 - Mind Over Matter

Dating Advice For Divorced Women Over 40
Dating advice for divorced women over 40
is freely offered all over the internet, have you noticed? But where can you get substantial answers to your actual dating questions?
Romantic Relationship and Dating Questions like:
Where can I meet decent guys without going online, to watering holes or meet ups, or speed dating events? In other words isn't there one place that great unmarried men hang out?
As divorced women over 40 dating we know where to go to get the best looking shoes and handbags. We know which developer has the style of clothes that we like and which beauty counter offers us the best selection of quality eye shadows.
We know exactly where to go to choose the right cheeses, best meats and finest vino. We know the best places to meet for lunch or dining and the best places to get Mandarin food.
We women know exactly where to go to have what we have to have, wish or desire.
And, when we do not know where to find what we want ...
We just consult another woman where she gets her flowing hair done or where she gets her pedicures done or where she got her yoga mat.
So why it is so challenging to have the answer to:
Where is the best setting to meet single guys? It is a pretty straightforward question, so why does it seem so hard to get a straight forward answer?
Keep reading if you want to know the honest answer to this constantly asked question.
Intimate Relationship Warning!
You may not like the answer ...
It may cause you to need to pull your hair out, or articulate bad words.
It may even lead you to leave my website and never ever return. (I hope that won't take place)
Here's the thing, I know the aggravation your feeling and I know what it feels like not to get a simple answer to solve this problem of meeting good men.
I felt just like you after my divorce.
Until I finally accepted that there is no one stop shopping to find and meet good guys. You see the good guys are almost everywhere, just like the weirdos and creeps that you meet.
You just need to figure out how to recognize the great men from the less than good guys. It really is easier than it may seem.
When you finally get clear about the types of men you would want to meet you will need to show up to the locations they tend to go. That way the great fellas will outnumber the guys you aren't thinking about connecting with.
As an illustration:
If you have children you may be most interested in meeting a man that is family and children oriented. One of the best places to find single fathers would be at a Parents Without Partners event.
Occasionally Serious Guy Show Up In Unexpected Places
Or if you are passionate about golfing and want someone who would share that enthusiasm, than you ought to be making friends with the men at the playing golf course and driving range.
By the way, when you make an effort to be friendly with a guy on the playing golf course, don't concern yourself as to whether he is single or married. If you meet a man who is wed, I guarantee you he has some golf pals who are single and would be happy to have you meet them.
This is the first step in the process.
The next step is to sort out the guys from this first group that are in alignment with your values and emotional needs. This is a most important step so you don't want to skip it.
The last step of this particular case in point will surprise you in terms of goals.
The last step is chemistry. More errors happen when you base your interest in a man on chemistry first. It can blind you to things that are not in keeping with your values etc..
I'm not saying that chemistry is not important but it is way over-rated in relation to finding your ideal mate. The most productive dating recommendation for divorced women is to think about this time in your life as an adventure, and just like any excursion you need to experience it all. The good, the bad and the ugly, and that is how you will weed out the good from the bad and find your perfect mate.
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Senior Single Women Dating Have To Live Outside Of The Box

Women Single Seniors Must Take Another Course of Action

Senior Singles Dating Need To Think Differently

Today's senior singles dating ought to act outside of the box to be able to find their perfect companion.

If you're a single female more than 40, Fifty or Sixty as well as desire to meet nice available men you need to be resourceful?

Strut towards your own drum as it were.

The main reason a great number of senior females dating usually are not being able to meet the great guys is they do what almost every other older woman does to connect with guys.

They may be signing up on older online dating services, they're going to single meet ups. Other women creating advertisements on Craigslist Personals and also some tend to be going to Seniors Speed Dating functions.

A reduced percentage of senior women go in with various other cougars in hopes they are going to come across true love with a younger man.

The catch is getting together with the 'others' will not set you away from just about any other mature single lady.

Think of it this way.

If you go to the supermarket to get a box of cereal, as you enter the cereal aisle you have a ton of choices, right?

Dare To Be Different & Do Things Differently

If you want to switch from the cereal you typically buy and you are checking out the other options available how will you decide between so many choices? Basically each box on every shelf is cereal: one doesn’t really stand out from the others, would you agree?

However, if you were in the bread aisle and you suddenly noticed this attractively packaged cereal box amongst the bread you would probably take it off the shelf to get a closer look. Since you are not looking at bunches of other cereal boxes in this bread aisle this cereal box has got your undivided attention.

Are you getting the picture?

If you are of the herd mentality, you show-up at the same places that other senior women dating go and you discover that it is challenging to stand out from all the other mature women.

But if you show up where these women don’t go then you will get noticed and will have the undivided attention of the men who are there.

This is exactly what I mean when I say senior singles dating need to think outside of the box.

One of the senior dating tips for women from men is to let the real you blossom and bloom.

Get a Senior Dating Attitude Adjustment

But the first thing you need to adjust is your attitude and priorities.

The Attitude I’m speaking about is…

How you show up in the world.

Yes, You Can Be a 'HOT' Potato!

Are you perceived as a friendly, warn approachable woman when out in public as you go about your daily routine?

Or do you appear pre-occupied, busy, shutdown and not approachable as you go about your day?

Start from this point forward noticing your attitude and that will explain a lot of what is or what is not working in you dating life.

It’s not rocket science!

Think about it, the more interactions you have with others (men and women) the more opportunities will come your way to meet some great available men.

So when you walk out your door with an attitude of:

I’m open and look forward to seeing what new people I will meet and interact with today.

Do I hear some skeptics out there saying this is ridiculous?

Ain’t gonna happen, I will not meet Mr. Right this way.

Well, hey, don’t take my word for it!

Just try it for yourself and see what happens, what do you have to lose?

And right along with attitude is priority.

How much of a priority on the scale of everything else in your life is finding the one?

In other words, is meeting great available men at the top of your list when you compare to all the other things you consider priorities at this moment in time, or is it at the bottom of list?

Or does it even show up on your priority list??

Okay, I think I’ve made my point.

The Trick For Senior Singles…

The best senior dating advice for women is dare to be different, to be yourself and to give your self permission to adjust your ‘attitude’ a bit

If your attitude and priority are not in alignment with finding a good partner then don’t be surprised when it never happens.

But on the other hand if your intention is fully focused and targeted to take action, than understand that today’s senior singles dating need to think outside of the box to find their perfect mate.

To learn more about thinking outside the box check out “Women Over 40 Dating

Suzy Weiss

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Controlling Men: Should Jennifer Lopez Let Mark Anthony Back To Her World?

Is simply J Lo Fed Up With Anthony's Controlling Methods?
Undoubtedly Marc is some sort of controlling spouse? Jennifer Lopez affirms she "loves herself enough" to get away from her relationship of seven years with Anthony. It happens to be reported that Marc Anthony was obviously a quite controlling partner.

Which says volumes by what Jennifer has been coping with in her own broken relationship together with Marc Anthony.

Lopez and Anthony have been thought to be a really perfect celeb couple. Loving and nurturing when it comes to the other person and when these people performed in concert it had been enchanting.

However behind the scenes it is actually really being revealed that remaining wedded to Marc had turn out to be nerve-racking also it would seem in which Jennifer Lopez lost sight of herself.

It really is noted that Anthony is definitely a controlling husband and therefore it had its own toll on Jennifer.

What Happens When You Are Married To Controlling Men
When you are with a partner that is a ‘controller’ that person has the potential to create emotional social and psychological harm in a relationship. The controlling men have a personality type has particular characteristics that they accept simply as the way they are. They don’t see their behavior as a problem.

Often Controlling Men Don’t Think That There is A Problem
They do not see this controlling behavior as a problem. After all this personality type has always lived with these characteristics and behavior. It is often learned as it is passed down by controlling family members.

Women Married To Controlling Husbands Suffer From Depression And Lack Of Self-Esteem
"Is Jennifer Lopez Taking Control Of Her Life?"

The victims of controlling men can become severely depressed with their self-confidence and self-esteem totally destroyed and often times feel like they are going crazy.

It is also reported that Lopez has said she is relieved to no longer be with Anthony. But According to US Magazine, Marc is reported to be actively trying to get his wife back. “His mood shifts from blaming her to begging her to take him back to telling her she is destroying his life.”

Anthony appears to be doing all that he can to delay the process of moving forward with the divorce hoping to buy some time. Although, I do not know Marc Anthony, this behavior is typical of the controller personality. Men that are controllers, panic at the idea of a marriage breakup, unless it is their idea in which case the partner is dropped like a hot potato.

Why Do Women Marry Or Date Controlling Men?
So why would anyone get into a relationship with this a Controlling Personality in the first place?

The reality is most relationships start with putting your best foot forward so to speak. Being polite, caring and engaging would be expected in the beginning.

During the initial stages of dating and getting to know each other, it’s difficult to determine exactly what type of individual you are dating unless he acts like a controlling jerk from the get go.

It is really a time of being somewhat guarded as you both try to obtain information about each other without making someone feel like your conducting an interrogation into their background.

Does The Guy You Are Dating Have The Potential To Be A Controlling Boyfriend?
But there are ways to notice if the guy you are dating has the tendency or characteristics of becoming a controlling boyfriend.

Scrutinize His Behavior Toward Others
When dining in a restaurant watch to see how he interacts with the server. Does he speak to the waiter or waitress in a respectful tone or does he speak in a demeaning tone this maybe your first clue that he's a controlling man.

Does he get angry or upset because it takes more time than he thinks it should to get served? Does he always complain to the manager about something that did not suit him?

On the other hand do you find the service and the food quite acceptable and think he’s over the top with his demands?

Do you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with his behavior?

These are examples are of a person who has a tendency toward a controlling personality and would probably end up becoming a controlling husband.

When you are a divorced woman dating, you certainly don't want to repeat the same mistake if your ex was a controlling husband.
"Can Mark Anthony Save His Marriage? Controlling Men Are Frequently Angry At Others
Notice a dates attitude whenever interacting with others. It could be at the checkout stand at the grocery or at the movie theater when getting tickets. Is he demanding, agitated and disrespectful some of the time for no apparent reason.

Guys That Are Control Freaks Often Don’t Have Many Friends
Another clue is to notice if he has a network of friends or does he seem to be more of a loner? Controlling men tend to be more of the loner types since people often shy away from their behavior.

How does the guy you’re dating interact when meeting your friends? If he puts your friends down that is a sign of things to come. A controlling personality will want to isolate you from friends and family.

What Are The Controlling Men Signs And Symptoms?
The key is to watch for signs of aggression, anger and demeaning behavior toward others.

Relationships with controlling men will most likely result in heartache, emotional, social, and even physical harm. A controlling husband not only emotionally impacts his spouse but also the children and can seriously ruin the way his victims will feel about love and romance in the future.

A partner with control issues can turn a loving, supporting, and understanding relationship into a destructive fatal attraction type of experience.

Common sense alerts you to avoid people that appear insane or abusive and you would not think twice about dating that kind of individual. However, some of these people have become very skillful at hiding their personality and behavior abnormalities.

In Summary
The bottom line is you want to catch the tendency toward being a controller during the dating stage of your relationship. First impressions don’t count. You want to use your intuition and pay close attention to all the ways that a person you are dating relates to others.

If you catch him behaving in a questionable or disconcerting manner don’t write it off as he is just having a bad day. Take it seriously and begin to look for other subtle clues that may indicate that you are involved with a controlling personality.

Don’t Think That YOU Can Change a Controlling Boyfriend
"Should J Lo Divorce Marc"One of the dating mistakes women make is to think that they are going change something about their boyfriend that is a deal breaker.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can change the guy or once you get married and he will be less controlling. These controlling personalities’ seldom change. This type of individual would need to get into some serious long term therapy and even then it may not work.

The main characteristic of a controlling personality is that they think they are always justified in what they do their anger and aggression. Their perception is that the problem is, other people in their lives need to learn how to behave properly. When dating men over 40, you need to be patient and let his true personality be revealed.

So as you have probably guessed I would tell Jennifer Lopez to move forward her decision to leave her controlling husband, Marc Anthony.

J Lo keep putting one foot in front of the other and don’t look back.

I wish you the best,

Suzy Weiss

Have you ever been married to a controlling husband or dated a controlling boyfriend?

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